TERMS & CONDITIONS of AT AUCTIONS s.r.o. (further referred to as “AT”)*

AT is an agent arranging sale of paintings and other pieces of art (further referred to as the “Paintings”) through online auction portals. AT does not own nor sell the Paintings. The Paintings are sold by their respective owners (further referred to as the “Owners”), where AT only assists the Owners in finding a buyer for the Paintings.

All the information and descriptions of all kind concerning the Paintings such as artist’s name, creation date, authenticity, etc. are supplied by the Owners. AT does not and cannot verify the information. AT gives no warranties nor representations concerning the Paintings. Under no circumstances may be AT held responsible for any inaccuracy or discrepancy in any information concerning the Paintings.

The successful bidder (further referred to as the “Purchaser”) undertakes to pay the final purchase price of a Painting and all the related costs under the conditions set by the auction portal. All sales ale final and irreversible. AT grants no refunds nor reimbursements. The Purchaser further undertakes to supply AT with the shipping address and all other information necessary for delivery of the Painting.

Purchaser agrees that packing and shipping of the Painting is done at the Purchaser’s risk. All packing expenses, materials, carrier fees, insurance charges and any other related expenses are borne by the Purchaser and will be charged to the Purchaser before dispatch of the Painting. The Painting will not be dispatched to the Purchaser before the purchase price and all the related expenses have been fully paid by the Purchaser.

If a Purchaser breaches its obligation set herein, by the auction portal or by an applicable law, including the obligation to pay the purchase price or any related expenses, AT may seek all applicable remedies including cancelling the sale and reoffering the Painting for sale without further reserve.

By bidding on any of the Paintings listed by AT the bidder confirms to have read and understood these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and agrees to respect and be bound by these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.