Use our auction house to see how simple it is to buy antiques, paintings, sculptures, or drawings. Our specialists are there to help you choose works of art, suitable for your personal use or investment.

Find all the available works in the auction house catalogue on our website The auction house catalogue contains complete descriptions of the works of art and brief information about the artists.

In addition, you can learn predicted appraisals for each lot. We encourage all bidders to closely study their lot of interest and if necessary, ask further questions by contacting our gallery specialists through email.


Our auction house is a place where art dealers and antique lovers meet; it’s a place that attracts collectors willing to buy and sell various works of art: paintings, drawings, and objects of applied arts. Are you planning to sell a work of art that belongs to you? We are happy to offer our service.

Please contact our specialists to get more information about the themes of the upcoming auctions and possibilities to sell your object during a thematic auction. We will also help you pass all the stages of presales preparation.

Restoration / Evaluation

An expert assessment of the value of antiques is free of charge. How

to appraise the work of art you wish to sell?To sell a painting for a proper price, you need to get an expert assessment. Our auction house can do that job for free.Simply submit several photos of your object, preferably from different angles. For your convenience, you can email the photos and get a reply in writing or by phone.

Packaging and Delivery

The safety of objects during transportation depends on the packing material and process quality. Using our experience and knowledge

of modern packing materials, we select proper packaging for each object, bearing in mind its type and size.You can use the courier delivery service to ensure your work of art quickly gets to the destination, no matter

the country.The service cost is calculated individually for each lot.

Contact us

Please contact us to apply for telephone bidding or leave an absentee bid

Art Torg Auctions team

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